Cinemagraph IPhone App

For those of you who love the cinemagraph, Factyle lunch today “The BEST” cinemagraph app for the IPhone out there.  My friend Temo invite me, to be a beta tester for this app a couple of week ago and I was impressed with the quality yet easy to use app.  Just take a short video with your iphone and mask the movement you want to show. That’s it! No more masking frame to frame in Photoshop and the quality rival those created with Photoshop but take half the time ….. no…. a lot less time to create it.  I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do.  Download the app here from the AppStore.  If you want to learn how to do it in Photoshop you can find a tutorial here.

Please show your cinemagraph and post the link in the comment section below.

A couple of word from my friend Temo:

“We’ve been fascinated by this art form since its first appearance last year in the world of fashion photography. We see it as a way for photographers to bring out the essence of an image, and tell the story behind their pictures in a fun and beautiful way.
We were shocked that photographers all around the world would spend hours in photoshop trying to create one. We wanted to make it possible for anybody to create them with zero photoshop knowledge, and in a matter of seconds. Cinemagram does just that.
With subtle animations, cinemagrams often tell the story a lot better than static photos do.”

Some example of the cinemagraph created by this app, taken from their sharing website

Now go out and shoot!!! and make some cinemagraph!


  1. MelissaCassie says:

    These are awesome! I was posting earlier to ask if anyone did these professionally as I want to do these with all my photos and don’t have the time. But now that I know it can be done on an app that makes it so much easier! Thanks for sharing! downloading away I go!!

  2. Mr.Lucas says:

    I’m 2 days into my Hipstamatic purchase and my impression of it has really superseded my expectations, especially from a photographer’s point of view! One thing, though… I’m having trouble understanding why randomizing the settings (the shaking notwithstanding) should be viewed as such a cool feature

  3. Are you serious ? These pics are epic, and they look completely real.. Are they actually made using this Application ?.. Wow