Taking Fast Action Shots in Low Light Condition

If you like to take your camera to a basketball, baseball games or other event that have fast action movement in low light condition and take that golden shot of a basketball dunk for example. You need a fast shutter speed and probably can’t use the flash because of the distance. The only thing left is the ISO. With higher ISO you increase the noise but probably the shot is so great that you don’t see the noise. Like the father of Rick Sammon one of my favorite photographer said “If the people notice the noise in your photo, you probably have a boring picture” Beside with today technology you can reduce the noise with a noise reduction software.

This picture was taken at the Aqua Circus and Beyond and the EXIF is ISO4000 f/4 1/800s. 1/800s was probably an overkill but she was spinning so fast and I want to freeze it.

Now go out and shoot!


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